Caps - Sheaffer Assorted

Caps - Sheaffer Assorted

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Caps - Sheaffer Assorted

* Sold individually $20.00

1- Sheaffer PFM II, Frosted Stainless Steel, Stainless trim White dot missing 1950's

2- Sheaffer Imperial , Frosted Stainless steel, Stainless trim, White dot, 1975

3- Sheaffer Imperial 500 "Dolphins Imperial, Frosted Stainless steel, Stainless trim,           Sheaffer logo on clip, No White dot 1960's

4- Sheaffer 707 "S' mark Frosted Stainless steel, Stainless trim,

     No White dot 1969-70

5- Sheaffer Imperial clip, (444) long cap, Stainless steel

6- Sheaffer Triumph Imperial, White dot, Black with gold trim 1995-96

7- Sheaffer Triumph Imperial, White dot, Burgundy with gold trim 1995-96

8- Sheaffer Imperial I No White dot, Black with Gold trim, Sheaffer logo on clip        1961-66

9- Sheaffer Imperial Sovereign Gold cap & trim with White dot 1960's tp 70's

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