About Us

The original Peel Pen Shop was opened in 1954 in Montreal by Charlie and Yvette Culmer. Charlie was an employee of Waterman in Montreal prior to WWII. The first location of the business was on Peel Street in Montreal, hence the name. The business sold fine writing instruments, accessories and stationery and Charlie did repairs while Yvette looked after the customers.

Over the years Charlie and Yvette s two sons Robert and John grew up and became active in the business on a full time basis. In 1987 John Culmer and his wife Dolores relocated to London, Ontario and opened Peel Pen Shop (London) Inc. The Culmer family tradition of selling and servicing fine writing instruments and accessories includes brands like Sheaffer, Parker and Waterman. During its time, the Peel Pen Shop had been the only remaining full time, independent repair and restoration facility in Canada.

John Culmer has been repairing and restoring fountain pens for over thirty years, having learned the skill from his father Charlie. John's skill is such that his services are recommended by Parker and Waterman and The Battersea Pen Shop in Great Britain for its North American customers. Today, although the Peel Pen Shop (London) retail store location has now closed, John still repairs and sells antique pens from his home - happily servicing customers throughout North America and around the world.

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