I have been repairing and restoring fountain pens for over twenty years having learned the skill from my father Charlie. My services are recommended by ParkerWaterman and The Battersea Pen Shop in Great Britain for its North American customers.

Today, Peel Pen Shop (London) Inc. is the only remaining full time, independent repair and restoration facility in Canada servicing customers throughout North America.

Pricing - A typical repair includes a cleaning and polishing of the nib, section, barrel and cap with replacement of the ink sac. The price ranges from $49.95 CDN to $79.95 CDN depending on the make and model of the pen. Pricing will also vary depending on the extent of the repair or restoration, the make of the pen and the availability of parts.  Shipping and handling is extra and is $24.95 for Canadian and U.S. customers. For other countries, please inquire.  All applicable taxes are extra. 

Warranty - 90 days on parts and labour. Shipping and handling costs excluded. Note: We cannot accept responsibility for pens and/or parts that are damaged in the repair and restoration process because of their age, the brittleness of some materials and difficulty finding replacement parts.