North Rite 1.1mm
North Rite 1.1mm
North Rite 1.1mm
North Rite 1.1mm
North Rite 1.1mm

North Rite 1.1mm

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North Rite 1.1mm Red and Cream, Propel/repel

A Short History of the Eagle Pencil Company of Canada Ltd.

  • 1931 - The Eagle Pencil Co. of Canada Limited was established at 201 St. Jean St. in Drummondville, Quebec.
  • 1965 - Eagle acquires North-Rite Limited.
  • 1967 - Eagle builds a new expanded factory in the Industrial Park at 1275 Rue Janelle in Drummondville. 
  • 1969 - Eagle Pencil Co. of Canada changes its name to Eagle/North-Rite, a division of Berol Corp. of Canada.
  • 1987 - Berol is sold to Empire Pencil Company. Berol continues to produce pencils under its own brand name.
  • 1991 - The number of  employees at the Drummondville plant drops from 90 to around 30. The Toronto distribution centre is closed.
  • 1992 - The Berol factory in Drummondville ceases production of Canadian made pencils. The factory continues to be used for warehousing and some packaging.

News Articles

​The Montreal Gazette, Monday, February 16, 1931 page 31
EAGLE PENCIL CO. COMES TO CANADA - Market in Dominion to Be Supplied by Plant Established at Drummondville
     The largest and one of the world's best known pencil companies, now celebrating its seventy-fifth anniversary as an international industry, is incorporating the Eagle Pencil Co. of Canada Limited and have equipped a large factory at Drummondville, Quebec, from which the Canadian market will be supplied with pencils made in Canada.
     This new pencil industry will be one hundred percent Canadian operated and managed. The general offices will be in the Robert Reford Building, 217 Bay Street, Toronto. The general manager is Charles G. Easton, a Canadian who has been representing the Eagle Pencil Company of New York and London in this country and in Newfoundland.
     Heretofore the Canadian pencil market has been largely supplied from the New York and London, England factories of the Eagle Pencil Company, the latter factory having been operated continuously by one hundred per cent British workmen for over thirty years. In coming to Canada, the Eagle Pencil Company has now anchored two of its three roots in British soil.
     This new pencil factory meets a basic need in this country. Eagle Pencil Company technicians from New York and London have planned the factory at Drummondville to be most efficient in the world and have equipped it with every modern device for making and testing lead pencils. They will direct the Canadian personnel until it is thoroughly trained to carry on.