caps - Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen

caps - Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen

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caps - Parker Vacumatic Fountain Pen

* Sold individually $25.00 each

1- Golden Brown Pearl, wide Gold chevron band

2- Golden Brown Pearl, two narrow Gold bands

3- Laminated Blue, two narrow Gold bands (missing one band)

4- Laminated Grey Pearl, wide Silver chevron band

5- Laminated Grey Pearl, two narrow Silver bands 

Please email me the cap you have selected by the number on the picture.

DuPont manufactured the celluloid with the striped pattern. Earlier Vacs were made out of solid rod stock. The reflectivity of the pearlescent material had to do with its orientation as the material cured. Maximum pearlescence would thus be visible only from two sides and minimum 90 degrees off from that. Later Vacs were made from flat stock wrapped around a mandrel, so max pearlescence went all the way around.